Gold Ingots, Gold Bricks, Good Delivery Bars – 400 oz.

Good Delivery Bar

The standard Gold Bar held and traded internationally by central banks and Bullion dealers is the Good Delivery (GD) bar, aka Gold Ingot and Gold Brick, weighing in at 400 oz. (12.4 kg or 438.9 oz.) nominal weight. The Gold content in GD bars is permitted to vary between 350 oz. and 430 oz. (10.9 kg to 13.4 kg). As per LBMA rules, all GD bars in circulation meet minimum acceptable fineness of 995.0 parts per thousand fine gold (99.5% purity), and are engraved with their exact weight, fineness, hallmark, and serial number.

Only reputable refiners whose bars have been accredited by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) as meeting the minimum standards for trading on the London market appear in the Good Delivery List.

London Good Delivery Bar

The standard Gold Bar used in physical transactions on the London Gold market is the London Good Delivery (LGD) bar at 400-troy-ounces. Just like the GD bars detailed above, LGD bars adhere to the same specs and LBMA rules. They are engraved with their serial number, assay stamp of refiner, fineness, and Year of manufacture.

Most newly mined Gold enters the international market as LGD bars, with 61 manufacturers worldwide producing over 100K bars annually. Most of the 2.5 million LGD bars in circulation are part of Gold reserves held for various nations.

Largest physical Gold investment
(Approved for IRA Investing)

The 400 oz. Good Delivery bar is the single largest physical Gold investment you can make today, and the cheapest way to buy Gold Bullion. GD bars are ideal for wealthy investors looking to buy a large amount of high-purity Gold in one easy transaction.