PAMP Suisse Gold Bars

PAMP Suisse is well known in the precious metals industry. Its security technology is highly innovative and has been a pioneer in the industry to establish high standards in ingot products. For this reason, any product that comes from this refinery is highly respected among investors. It is known that this refinery produces gold .9999 gold bars with a purity equivalent to 24 carats. This is the highest purity consistently observed in the precious metals market.

This Swiss refinery is also distinguished by the designs that adorn its bars. The 1-ounce gold PAMP Suisse ingot is adorned with the image of Lady Fortuna, a Roman goddess who is believed to provide individuals with good luck and fortune. This particular design shows the goddess bestowing innumerable riches on an unknown recipient. Lady Fortuna appears blindfolded, which means she can not see who is spreading the cornucopia full of coins. Investors are particularly impressed with the bar’s attention to detail in the design.

On the back of the bar, the name of the PAMP is engraved in another meticulous design followed by the weight, purity and number of the bar’s certificate. The information provided on the back of the bar establishes the authenticity of a one-ounce Suisse PAMP gold bar.

All PAMP bars are approved to be stored within IRA of precious metals.