Agent Agreement

(Kilo & 400oz Bars Only)

PRICE will be determined by 2nd London Fix on the LMBA Good Delivery, negotiable between Principle to Principle only.  We offer storage for SKR’s and Air Cargo Service.

For physical movement of gold we use:

IBI Armored Service, Inc.

JFK International Airport, Customs Bldg. 77
Jamaica, New York  11430
Tel: 718-553-0563 – JP Livingston (VP of Sales)

AGENT is engaged in the Precious Metals Industry including acquiring all precious metals.  All oral disclosures of confidential information will be summarized and confirmed confidential.

AGENT JEWELRY APPRAISER for your valuables:  Gold, Diamonds, Estate Coins – schedule a one-on-one appraisal evaluation for Yourself, Family, Partners, Religious Organizations, Corporations, Trusts, Banks, Estates, Lawyers all WELCOME!  Auctions can be arranged.

SELLER represents that the GOLD will be available for Sale and the SELLER will have undisputed right to Sell the GOLD to BUYER.

SELLER agrees to Sell and the BUYER agrees to Purchase the GOLD or other precious metals.


SELLER and BUYER each Declare unto one another that the GOLD herein offered for Sale, and the origin of the Funds used for purchasing the GOLD, do not contravene:

The USA Patriot Act
The Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)
The United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
The Drug Trafficking Offenses Act 1986
The Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act
The Criminal Justice (International Co-Operative) Act
The Criminal Justice Act 1993
The Economic Espionage Act 1996
Money Laundering Regulations 1993
The Precious Metals and Stones Act Chap. 84:06
EU Suspicious Transaction/Activity Reports (STRs/SARs)

The information stated is complete, true, accurate and non-misleading.

LBMA Good Delivery, products of major world mints:  Umicore, Pert Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Valcambi, Heraeus, Johnson Matthey, Pamp, Asahi, Metalor, United States Mint, Rand, Credit Swiss, Royal Mint, Ashanti, Republic Metals