Gold Depository

Gold Bullion Depository
(aka Precious Metals Depository)

Serious Gold Investors store their physical Gold in Precious Metals Depositories that offer full transparency, accessibility, security, and fully-insured vaults – outside of the banking system.

Treasury Graded Depository Vault (UL rated)Our private Gold Bullion Depository keeps all funds totally segregated with proof of ownership showing legal title Gold Certificates numbered to the physical Gold stored in our modern maximum secured preexisting bank vault. Our fully-insured Treasury Graded Depository Vault (UL rated) is located and protected in the USA, independent of the Government Banking System, and meets the global demand for safety with the latest security measures.

Long Island MacArthur Airport (Islip, NY)We also offer 24/7 armored guard service officers and advanced surveillance security with access to airport terminals adjacent to Long Island MacArthur Airport (Islip, NY) – protected by the Civil Aviation Authority.

As your Gold Agent, we can transfer your physical Gold to our private Gold Bullion Depository where it’s fully-insured – making it a zero-risk monetary asset! Or we can use a public Precious Metals Depository (i.e. Brinks).